NG Red Currant 10 ml

NG Red Currant 10 ml
NG Red Currant 10 ml
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Kirpsakka ja makea punaherukkatuoksu. Mustaherukkaa, punaherukkaa, mansikoita, ruusua, valkohankajäkälää ja myskiä.

Soap (Cold Process Results)Perfect pour, no acceleration, no ricing, no separation, no discoloration.  Heavens to Betsy is this a nice, strong, fresh, scent in CP soap!  Totally awesome!   

Need a unique berry fragrance for your line?  This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is just what you need!  This crisp and tart fragrance begins with top notes of black and red currants, cassis, and strawberries; followed by a sweet deep floral rose; with base notes of oakmoss and musk.  One whiff and you will be Berry happy!

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